Truckers Line up to Prevent Man from Jumping

It’s easy to complain about the problems we see every day– in this industry, in others, in life. I think it’s good to stop every now and then to acknowledge the good things. Some of these things are big, some of them are small. Every week, we see something in the news that tugs on our heart strings, or makes us think. This case is no exception. On April 24th, a man climbed over the rails of a Detroit overpass in an attempt to jump off and end his life. No one should have to face that fear and anxiety alone. Luckily, a group a truckers decided to step in and help, creating a line under the overpass to prevent him from jumping. The truckers were assisted by the Michigan State Police, who directed the truckers along the eastbound and westbound lanes of the I-696 freeway between 1 and 3 a.m.

(Image: MSP Metro Detroit @mspmetrodet)

It all started with one truck; soon, 13 trucks were closely packed in, creating a line across the freeway, and essentially saving a life. All eight lanes were shut down, and the trucks stayed there for a couple hours before the situation was deescalated. Because of the joint effort, the man was talked down from the edge and received treatment. According to the Michigan police, they have been practicing this procedure for years, but this is the first time that it has caught media attention. Luckily, these men and women are always more than willing to help.

Most of the heroic actions that make the news shouldn’t even be necessary, but they are. Thanks to the quick action of everyone involved, someone lived to see another day. In times like these, it is important to remember that help is always available, and you’re never out there alone.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Written by: Shayla Powers