Women in Trucking

Recent campaigns by well-known companies highlight the role of women in the trucking industry. Although the number of female drivers is gradually increasing, the current number industry-wide is only a little over five percent. This low percentage is due to the many challenges that female truckers face, on top of the issues that those in the industry already have to contend with.

For women, the training process can be especially tough. Because most truck drivers are men, female trainees are often paired with men, which can be uncomfortable and intimidating for someone new to the industry. The skewed ratio of men to women trainees often leads to harassment, and many women have noted the lack of respect they feel from their male counterparts. While the number of men who see women as their equals in trucking is increasing, this attitude continues to dissuade women from pursuing a career in the industry. Ellen Voie, the President and CEO of the Women in Trucking Association, believes that the path to increasing the number of women in the industry is not changing anything drastically, but offering women the same benefits that their male counterparts seek: flexible schedules, money, better home time, and safer equipment. Women need to know that they have the skills for the job, and that they are wanted.

That is exactly what Mack and CFI are aiming to do with these new campaigns: show women in the industry that they are valued, and that their work is appreciated. Compared to the overall percentage of women in the industry, women make up 14% of CFI’s workforce. Pictured on their new “She Drives” truck (pictured above) are four of the company’s longest-tenured women- the longest with over 35 years in trucking. Mack Trucks recently released its fourth episode of the RoadLife series, which focuses on two successful women in the industry.

You can watch the RoadLife series on roadlife.tv or on Amazon Prime.

Written by: Shayla Powers